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NdFeB Magnet Cube multimedia mobile communications and 3G development

Date:2016-9-18 click:2125times

"NdFeB Magnet Cube" Mobile phone to further the development of multimedia and 3G. Now the phone's functions in the expanding, set the camera, MP3, MP4 and TV function in one of the multimedia phones become mainstream. The next few years, the Chinese 3G standard mobile phone will become the focus of development, production will exceed the GSM standard. Due to improved technology and increased functionality, performance magnetic materials put forward higher requirements. Magnetic material must meet the high frequencies, miniaturization, chip, high magnetic properties, low-loss and anti-electromagnetic interference requirements. The growth of mobile phones, will increase the number of mobile exchange capacity and ground stations. Soft magnetic material is mainly used in mobile communications devices are soft. Ferrite components are primarily used magnetic antenna radio paging, mobile phone electromagnetic compatibility cores, such as high-frequency oscillation core anti-parasitic, Used mixer core, the core coupling coil and chip inductors, etc .

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