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Rolled Rubber Magnet relational expression

Date:2016-9-12 click:914times

"Rolled Rubber Magnet" according to the relationship seen in the demagnetization curve of permanent magnet materials, magnetic field H is at 0, Jr = Br, the magnetic field H is negative, J and B are not equal, then divided into two JH and BH curve . From the relationship it can also be seen that with the increase of the reversal magnetic field H, B changes from the maximum value to 0 Br = Jr, and finally the negative variation for modern permanent magnet material, B is often linear demagnetization curve; variation J demagnetization curve is different: with the reverse magnetic field H, B value linearly decreases due to the reduced amount of the B value is always greater than or equal to the increase in the reverse magnetic field H a lot, so in the demagnetization curve J It can be maintained within a relatively flat area on a straight line, but its value is always less than J Jr.

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