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Bar Rubber Magnet maglev applications and technology

Date:2016-9-12 click:883times

"Bar Rubber Magnet" maglev trains since about 200 years ago, Stephenson's "Rocket" steam locomotive came the most fundamental breakthrough in railway technology. Maglev today seems a fresh look at things, in fact, its theoretical preparation has a long history. Research on magnetic levitation technology from Germany, as early as 1922, the German engineer Hermann Kemper put forward the principle of electromagnetic levitation, maglev train and apply for a patent in 1934. After the 1970s, with the industrialized world's economic strength has been strengthened in order to improve transport capacity to meet the needs of their economic development, Germany, Japan, the United States, Canada, France, Britain and other developed countries have begun to conduct magnetic levitation transportation system planning development.

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