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Cylinder NdFeB Magnet wide range of applications

Date:2016-9-12 click:1102times

"Cylinder NdFeB Magnet" sintered NdFeB permanent magnet, as an important matter to promote social progress and modern technology, widely used in the following areas: computer hard disk, magnetic resonance imaging, electric cars, wind power generation, industrial permanent magnet motor, consumer electronics (CD, DVD, mobile phones, stereos, copiers, scanners, video cameras, cameras, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, etc) and magnetic machine, magnetic levitation technology, magnetic drive and other industries. Since 1985 in Japan, China and Europe and began industrialization, which for nearly 30 years, the booming global permanent magnet materials industry, continue to record the magnetic properties, the variety of materials and grades continue to increase. With the expansion of the market, the manufacturers are also increasing, and many customers are bound to fall into such confusion among, how to judge the merits of products it?

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