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Invisible Magnet production line is equipped

Date:2016-9-12 click:999times

Necessity "Invisible Magnet" production line is equipped with magnetic separator is adequately protect crushers and other large grinding equipment from damage, thus ensuring the operation of the entire production line in order to improve production efficiency and reduce the unnecessary damage and broken equipment such as the maintenance probability. According to user requirements and the use of the site to the actual situation in the specific selection, the main series is divided into two types of permanent magnet and electromagnetic series. Selection is recommended not to blindly choose to go, it must be based on site characteristics and the thickness of the material to matching, so as to achieve the best results. When the material much iron magnetic separator material can be used to hang, we recommend a permanent magnet or electromagnet RCDB RCYB series series separator can meet iron needs. Artificial materials such as iron-containing substances more late removal of the iron is absorbed, it is recommended to use a permanent magnet or an electromagnetic RCYD Series Tipper Tipper Separators RCDD series to meet the needs.

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