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Bar Magnet For Teaching coil flux change example

Date:2016-9-12 click:1071times

Left and right "Bar Magnet For Teaching" side length 100cm square closing coil in a magnetic field, the coils AB, CD sides midpoint OO / are present in the same direction, each the size of magnetic induction B1 = 0.6T , B2 = 0.4T of uniform magnetic field. If viewed from above, turned counterclockwise coil 370, the magnetic flux through the coil changed much? Analysis: In the illustrated original position, since the line of magnetic flux perpendicular to the plane of the coil, therefore, Φ1 = B1 × S / 2 + B2 × S / 2 = (0.6 × 1/2 + 0.4 × 1/2) Wb = 0.5Wb ; when the coil winding OO / axis counterclockwise rotated 370, (see the broken line position): Φ2 = B1 × Sn / 2 + B2 × Sn / 2 = B1 × Scos370 / 2 + B2 × Scos370 /2=0.4Wb; flux changes amount ΔΦ = Φ2-Φ1 = (0.4-0.5) Wb = -0.1Wb; so after 370 turn coil. Reducing the magnetic flux through the coil 0.1Wb.

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