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Flexible Rubber Magnet can cover a variety of materials Surface

Date:2016-9-18 click:2040times

In order to "Flexible Rubber Magnet" work performance and features rubber magnet can make more people happy, so the people of this product has been transformed, its surface can be covered with various materials, so you can have more Features. Magnetic rubber surface covered with a variety of materials, many materials can not achieve good results can only be based on scientific experiments, in order to ensure good results. Not every magnetic materials and composite rubber can guarantee best work results, so the operation can not test each material is missing, and only in order to test a variety of tests, and finally have to get the best results of the work product . Following the adoption of several ongoing trials, the magnetic surface of the rubber material can be added are double-sided adhesive, UV oil and coated paper, etc, as well as PVC can be achieved very good results, we can transform as a new product. Use rubber magnetic working time, to ensure that there is the spirit of innovation, so as to ensure a better work results, stagnation will be eliminated. Make rubber magnetic moments remain viable, to transform it into a variety of different shapes to work in order to make it work better achieve the effect.

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