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Packaged Magnet common core characteristics of relatively soft

Date:2016-9-18 click:1524times

"Packaged Magnet" Ferrite: saturation flux density low (5000Gs), DC bias capability minimum 3 silicon steel, permalloy, amorphous alloys characteristics comparison: silicon and FeSiAl material having a high saturation magnetic induction value Bs, but its effective permeability value is low, especially in the high frequency range; permalloy having high initial permeability, low coercivity and loss, magnetic stable, but Bs is not high enough, when the frequency is greater than 20kHz, and effective magnetic loss conductivity is not ideal, expensive, complex machining and heat treatment; cobalt-based amorphous alloy having a high magnetic permeability, low Hc, over a wide frequency range loss, saturation magnetostriction coefficient is close to zero, which corresponds force is not sensitive, but lower value of Bs, expensive; iron-based amorphous alloy having a high Bs value, price is not high, but low effective permeability values.

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